In progress


Ok so i attempted some little guys of my own design. Because Furiosa, Wrex heads, WRex costumes don't sell( inherently expensive due to size, time , etc,), i thought I'd try something smaller, more cost friendly, and not someone else's intellectual property. I did some sketches, then jumped in with the super sculpey firm. In terms of their "story" I let the form help define the function. The triangular guy ended up being a herald of bad news, banging his pots n pans together to let you know trouble is coming. Oddly the other guy became a mailman-who knows what kind of news he brings.

My favorite clay really is chavant j525 or cm 50 but seeing that it is not compatible with silicone,I went with something i can bake. Having a hard product makes for easier mold making too.

I rushed through these and didn't take many photos- most of these were instagram pics anyway(kjonesthemighty). After baking the sculpey i went through the process of sanding, filling priming repeat. His little letter was made from folding poster board to shape

i had some mold vent/pressure issues.   I ended up casting 8 of the pyramid shaped guy but he only had one arm due to those issues so i made  a little mold to do an arm and a Furiosa piece( see earlier posts) whose mold had torn.  Honestly i haven't tried to even sell them. I'm not sure how much more of these types of things I should do . I'm learning zbrush now