In progress

han and chewie.

One of the coolest commissions I've done. I loved this one. A friend wanted this for his wife. Her favorite scene in Star Wars is where Chewie is petting Han in Jabba's prison. We came up with the idea of Chewie giving a disgruntled Han a big bear hug from behind

As always, things start with crappo sketches. Then aluminum foil and wire. They are mostly supersculpey firm  and then a rainbow of multimedia from styrene to paper to aluminum.

Chewbacca's hair was done with toilet paper that had been shredded up, soaked and mixed with elmer's glue and cornstarch. Reaallll technical. As always, the initial hair tests turned out better than the  final. You can see in the images where Chewie has sculpted fur. I scraped it all off when i decided i wanted a more tactile hairiness.  Han's hands are aluminum  and then worked up with miliput.

Just like Furiosa, i had a time with this head. I sculpted this one, made a mold with latex that was too old . I cast once, ripping the mold in the process. THEN I noticed the head was about 20% too big. Like a watermelon.  Ugh. Resculpting took another day, then another mold etc. The likeness is ok I guess. You can see the bright white resin copy glued to the super sculpey body. The original is sculpted in chavant

I wanted a really STar Warsy looking base. I wanted it curved to maybe imply it was part of the Millenium Falcon . This is made mostly of styrene sheets with some tube , wire,  and cast resin parts. Rods on Chewie's feet go in holes in the base( not shown in these photos)

the gun was a rush. styrene and aluminum. my fingertips are mostly superglue at this point. the holster was made with bristol paper, gel medium and craft foam.

Painted with acrylics. I used a product called "buff n rub" for the aluminum parts. Generally I'm really happy with this. The only real issue was I told the client "oh, it'll take a week." Ended up taking over two straight weeks. Yeah.. That's the hardest part about this stuff- not wookie hair , or inch high heads or even tiny blasters: pricing and timing estimates. He's a great guy so he was ok with me missing the deadline which I possibly could have avoided if I hadn't botched the head. Oh well