In progress

Peach Boy!!!

Years ago I visited my wife in China where she was teaching temporarily . We hiked a section of the Great Wall  and then crashed, exhausted, in our room. We found this awful movie on tv called Peach Boy/ Magic of Spell that featured a giant peach monster that peed on enemies and pelted them with peach pits . It became a cherished favorite bad movie. Now for Christmas, whether she wanted it or not, I made my wife a peach boy action figure.


I sculpted the head and chest parts in plasticene. I made throwaway plaster molds  and I waxed the hell out of them. The chest , seen on the right in mold, was eventually built up in fiberglass to make a light shell. The head parts were cast in smooth on 65d


the molds for the chest.


the jaw hinge was made of styrene sheet with a tiny oring sandwiched in, all held together with a brass tube. this was superglued into notches cut into the resin parts then sanded down to shape. the grey butt looking parts are the fiberglass front and back chest


the parts in the foreground make up the springloaded ball joint for the neck. the green plastic and the crusty looking white styrene parts next the the brass tube were ideas i wasted time on for the arm joints

these are the foot/ ankle joints. not that strong but they work, an oring is pressed against the steel ball joint . The foot was built around it with epoxy putty

the legs were held up with gooseneck conduit from a usb light I bought on ebay some years back. It finally got used.


I made a generic rounded shape that i cast several times to get the main leg parts. I needed a specific inner cavity to allow the gooseneck to bend.See the cylindrical two part piece at the bottom. It  screwed together and fit inside the mold above. The two parts threaded together and i would unscrew them once the piece set up in the mold. It worked well enough


An early idea for the arm joints. too much work. didn't work well either

For the arms, I decided to use these beads pushed into a vinyl tube. It makes a strong joint though the paint would always rub off the ball in use.I built over the tube segments. The beads are acrylic - I heated the screws and pushed them through the factory-made hole on the beads. they locked in place well.


A close up of peach boy's innards. Originally I wanted a sound chip and squirt gun feature to squirt his "peepee". gross but authentic. this shot is missing an aluminum bar that secures the tube in place