In progress

furiosa sculpt

ok. this is waaaay too ambitious but here goes. imperator furiosa..hopefully as a resin kit.

eventually she'll be strutting with her war rig steering wheel and that damn crazy arm. 12" tall

simple beginning with twisted wire using a drill and a vise. then the aluminum foil treatment which is the most liberating phase of the process. super sculpey mixed with super sculpey firm. this is two days worth of work( above).  i've been searching the internet for images, videos etc to be accurate. the straps, shoulder parts and the arm will be added after i bake this. multimedia all to heck.  the head i'll sculpt in chavant nsp hard and add to the baked sculpey. the arm...yikes. scratchbuilt from styrene sheet, rods, miliput etc.  i've been experimenting with injecting resin into molds with veterinary syringes so i think the prosthetic arm can be done in several pieces that way for the resin kit.