In progress

furiosa: more features, more fun


belts n straps n belts n straps. blah. i have lots of pictures to work from but all are a little blurry. figuring out how these things all connect takes detective work. i can thank my years of patent illustration on sleuthing out the function from blurry photos. if it's not 100% right i can live with it but i want it darn close

i started the "belt buckle' three times.. the green plastic one on  the right was the winner. i'm building up a latex mold to make a sturdier resin one . the left is chavant nsp and the middle is supersculpey.  

some of her belts look like leather, then an inner tube riveted to the leather. i used aluminum tube for the "rubber" tube. i flattened with a hammer. this pic is for the a back strap, pre flattening ,  pre attaching and pre painting