In progress



Here's the base: cracked earth, dried in tire tracks...nothing too distracting from Furiosa proper


all the arm components are on their "tree", just like in a model kit. the good folks at  Reynolds advanced materials  told me about "J molds" where you pour down a channel and the resin fills your parts from the bottom up. all the white rods are styrene. the upper rods form vents . working on this practical stuff distracted me from the nightmare which is...THE HEAD


ok i know i know my Charlize theron head has a ways to go.. this is attempt NUMBER 4. i sculpted for a week on 4 different heads was/ is a nightmare. this will be the final, barring clean up and tweaks to proportions etc.  it's been a while since i've been so frustrated with a project. from certain angles it's practically awesome then..meh. i'll think it looks good then...i take a photo and look at that..meh..  i  didn't look at her all day until  tonight and spotting issues all over..


i am proud of my chain "loin cloth". made of actual tiny ass chain. 3 different kinds, the smallest being 40 links per inch and 27 links per inch. it's glued to some thin aluminum bent to shape. i filled in all the lil chain holes so i could make a mold