In progress

furiosa: acc-sass-orize


flamin buckles -mold, original, finished


the most out of proportion part. this is several times too thick but i think it will be ok once the rest of the prosthetic arm goes on


pouches were made of super sculpey but the flaps themselves are eva foam with paper /wire buckles/straps


made of sculpey and the hardware bits are styrene , wire, aluminum tube etc

my first attempt at steering wheel with wire and nsp chavant. those are styrene rods pushed in the clay for texture of steering wheel cover. didn't look right. i made another with thicker copper wire. the aluminum foil was pressed with thin small diameter tube to make a mold of sorts. i built up  latex paint to make a wrap with the texture to go on the copper . we'll see

Note: neither of these steering wheels are the right size... several days of work to hit that realization.. i'm so depressed. time..time you can't have back.