In progress

furiosa: gettin a grip on this damn wheel

ok.. i started this steering wheel 2 times before getting it right.


the diameter was wrong on the bottom left one. top one is it.


the orange is thin eva foam to get the inner grips. the reddish tint on the skull is a hard casting wax so i can scribe in the lines better


i used a small diameter , sharpened brass tube to press in the leather bumps on the aluminum foil. i used that as a mold to brush in latex paint

super glued on


 once the  "leather cover" was done i gave it a grey coat of paint. i pressed the wheel in clay then pressed lil bumps to be the grips on the bottom of the wheel. i had  a beer for confidence then filled those lil depressions with resin then pressed the wheel down in it.  a lil messy but i can live with the results. 

what pisses me off the most was i did this entire thing in a DAY. the other two took several days.. live n learn


the arms will be separate pieces with their own molds.


i'm not sure i'm doing charlize theron justice. i think i'll clean up the  back of the wheel a little more