In progress

hammerhead: sithorian

starting a new costume. My friends are doing a star wars group for dragoncon and i can't miss that


AFTER sketches n such i started a mock up of him in super sculpey


i generally know what i'm doing but unlike wrex, i'm flying solo with the design


foam n wire n mesh n cardboard. the four hoursemen of cosplay


using WED clay. haven't touched waterbased stuff in almost 20 years

WED clay. not at all like oil based clay.

The first round on the eyes were too messy. i went back and added hard half spheres to build over

shimzz. yay mold building.

one ugly mutha.. his eyes aren't really "screen accurate". way too close but he isn't supposed to be THE hammerhead in the cantina.. just an evil sith one

one half done. ultracal mold. heavy as hell. spray, spray spray that acrylic on your wed clay model. the clay was leather hard but if you don't seal it properly it will affect how the ultracal sets causing cracks

hands . HUGE. they need complicated internal doohickys. i'll figure those out. these were done in plasticene. i don't like wed for thinner stuff

lower legs. i tried eva but couldn't bend that shape. wrapped in paper then resin coated. i added eva to it. i cut them in half at one point thinking i would need to piece them. added more work.

toes. all sculpted from wedclay. did some crappy ultracal 2-use molds and resin cast em. the main foot portion was cast in latex and makes a weird boot

my mold should have been 3 parts and by god, it made itself 3 parts. the latex is currently in there. on the left side of image is a pile of fiberglass parts that will support the giant head and hump

well he's done. not what i planned at all but is ok. generally happy with it..