In progress

King of the Hill : Godzilla

I've wanted to sculpt a godzilla for a while. Not a particular movie version but my own. I wanted him to be pushing up through a mountain range . His back spikes were to match the mountains around him as if the range formed around Godzilla after millions of years of napping. 

I did this mock up in plasticene.

i started sculpting him in scuptex with the notion of making  a silicone mold later. the mountain range would be several molds. 

The rocks and mountains are done in foam. I baked some sculpey boulders to decorate. The sheet of masonite with drawn mountain perimeter shows the separation lines for each section of mountain. Like my cat and pig toys , this one got put on hold

ignoring the foreground sculpts, this is a decent side view of big G and the mountains